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18For many, their home is not just a personal little fortress, and much more. Home – it is a living creature that lives in the same rhythm with his owner, shared with him moments of happiness and helps to survive the bitterness of losses and defeats. Therefore it is quite understandable desire of each owner to set up your home so that it is what is called pleasing to the eye, was stylish, beautiful and comfortable.

How to build a private house: advice

First of all, you need to ensure that your home is comfortable to live in. The house must be warm. Without light, water and sewers you can not do. If your cottage is away from the benefits of civilization and connect them from the outside is impossible, it is necessary to establish an Autonomous life support system – automatic heating boiler, generator, water pump, etc. Only after the house will be equipped with all these necessary components of a modern home, you can proceed to the guidance comfort and arrangement of interior decoration of the house. Continue reading

17When You start to plan how to set up your home, think carefully about the purpose of each room, and remembering the needs of Your family, and only then proceed to the interior of the home, as well as the selection for ceiling, wall and floor finishing materials.

The General idea should initially be traced in the layout of Your home. Depending on its location and the number of floors that can provide functionality and style of each room. This will help You project at home. It is compiled by experts according to what the customer wishes. As for the layout of the rooms, they are subject to sanitary norms, roles assigned for each room, as well as the convenience of each family member.

Initially you need to think about how to build a house so that he was comfortable. Continue reading