Amazing floors with a 3D effect: revive your home the latest technology To set up your home and make it comfortable wishes everyone. This is especially true of design, it is often necessary to compromise between functionality and style. A striking example of such clearance can be called a novelty repair and construction sector – liquid 3D floors, which are equally popular today as in the arrangement of offices, and private estates.

What is 3D floors? This is a three-dimensional image, glued to the subfloor, the top is filled with a transparent material. The original idea was borrowed from the creativity of artists who paint amazing three-dimensional images on different surfaces – asphalt, steps, walls. Interior designers have finalized some of the details and created the technology of self-leveling floors in the three-dimensional image, which is already appreciated by owners of houses, apartments, offices.

Today on the website “Dream House” we will tell you about the technology of installation of such floors, the possibilities to make it your own, and also will show photos of stunning outdoor images in 3D format.

Unusual flooring with 3D effect in the kitchen

Technology cordials 3D floor: main stages

Technology liquid 3D floors actually quite simple. The only thing that you have to work hard, so it is in the exact stacking layers of material, because the surface on which is attached the figure, should be perfectly smooth.

Installation of three-dimensional decorative floors includes the following stages:

Alignment, or preparation of the substrate using a self-leveling compounds for the floor. These materials are used for conventional screed. By drying perform grinding and achieve perfect smoothness.

Fill the base with primer and subsequent leveling of the surface.

Install fabric with three-dimensional pattern. Often the canvas can have multiple parts, so give special attention to the accuracy of fit of all parts to each other, the result is picture perfect.

Fill a 3D picture of the finish – epoxy, which has a transparent layer. Its thickness varies. For example, in commercial premises, this value ranges from 2.5 to 5mm, and accommodations – from 1.5 to 2mm.

Final sanding and varnishing as required.

3D floors technology

The quality of the materials used affects the quality of the 3D floor. Even epoxy resin and UV light does not lead to defects in the printed paints a good image, so it is important to choose a quality fabric. And the high quality resin will not yellow and will preserve the amazing beauty of the floors with the 3D effect for a long time.

The advantages of such a seamless and perfectly smooth decorative coatings is the fact that it’s durable, environmentally friendly, fire resistant and long lasting (wear resistant). These floors are quite hygienic and easy to clean. Aesthetically advantages of 3D floors is not only as a beauty, the feasibility of various design ideas, originality of solutions.

Bulk three-dimensional floors