14The article and video are dedicated to the owners of small balconies. Not glazed, small open balcony. How to equip the balcony . I have a big balcony, I got lucky, but don’t want to cause envy, I want to share that idea for decorating your balcony .

Article decided to write in response to the forum users who say that absolutely nothing can be placed. Oh, by the way, I have already cited the example of these words, which I found on the forum (article “Why the flowers on the balcony “), but can’t resist, it was too good:

“I’m on your balcony at any time of the year do not go out. Too small balcony, “Khrushchev”. There are always 4 wheels for cars, 2 sleds, a great kid and a shelf at the bottom with the banks, only from the street… not see…”

Stunned! And it’s a small balcony! Imagine what would have happened if this man had a big balcony?!

The balcony we have arranged long ago, but the case is worn out, so just a video made, how to store the cot and chairs on the balcony.

The balcony is the salary never enough, never enough.

All the time as we live in this house, I as a border guard on the border, — to protect and defend the space of the balcony from the invasion of cartons, boxes, drawers, stucked together, the small planks and tubes. Thank God, rubber, winter or summer, hanging out in the garage and space on the balcony is not intended.

Bought the microwave, and let the box on the balcony to sleep, 14 days can be left out”. And she, my dear, there and tries, two to lie. Bought the strawberry jam on the tackle box — and for a while on the balcony of an empty box out … and then threw away”. Shelf did, we decorate a fir tree, life goes on, flowing, bubbling and heaving on the balcony all sorts of things, like the waves of the sea tide on a sandy shore.

Yes and in addition to these are constantly arriving, so to speak, in transit, items, and there are regular balcony “residents”. But, actually, but what to do with a sled in the summer? A cot, on which it seems no one is sleeping, and not getting thrown out, I need to be. We also have a miniature gas stove for Hiking in the mountains or fishing, all sorts of instruments, banks, well, just a lot of all sorts of useful things that are usually stored on the balcony.

How to make the right functional furniture on the balcony.

We have a wardrobe, like many, usual, is the side, from floor to ceiling, but there will not put chairs on which we sit in the summer or a cot. Yes the cot, where no one sleeps.

Making the measurement of dimensions of these things, I drew the drawings of boxes for them. We decided to make them out of plywood, thickness 8mm, fulfilling the basic requirements of simplicity and minimalism.

Relying on the professional skills of the seller in the construction market, we handed him the drawing. But we are not pleased with the proposal to cut, to cut and pack. Had to climb on the sheet and outline, to be placed on one sheet. We all cut and it turned out that we missed one sheet of plywood, with minimum waste.

As a result we have: “house” for a folding bed, a table for tea party, aka the storage location of the seats, and overhead storage box gas stove with cans.

Such a box can be built and for children’s bikes, and sleds, for everything is unorganized place on the balcony.

Of course, you can buy these benches-lockers. But they are, first, hard, and secondly, not every balcony will be included.