15Every owner of a private house can set up your yard to suit every taste and to make it so that he could comfortably and conveniently at any time of weather.

To betray the attractive appearance you can use the various elements of landscaping, such as garden paths, gazebos, garden furniture, playgrounds, various decorative sculpture, a recreation area and others.

Most importantly how we should start is to consider what is required to cost share that will be comfortable and convenient for all family members, including animals.

You will also need to schedule throughout the track that you can run from a variety of decorative stones or tiles. For this you will need to compact the path and fill it with sand, no more than 10-15 centimeters. Then lay on it asymmetrically chosen design elements.

The Playground is best to equip there, to make it easier to watch your children. The place is best to choose an open and easily visible. On the site you can set up the swings the sandbox, benches, and much more to make your child feel fun and convenient.

The garden is best to arrange in a more lit area, but do not forget that some vegetables love is in the shade.

Next, you will need to think what you want to do fencing of the yard, based on the architecture of the house. The fence bude can be run from brick walls or wooden fence. Special attention should be paid to supporting columns. The part which will be located in the ground should be treated with antiseptic, which will increase the life of the hedge.

Outbuildings best to hide from prying eyes, and do it best, decorating the walls with various climbing plants.

Also if possible, can in the yard to build a pool and Playground for recreation, to build a sauna and set a hot shower.