3In updating the Legion of the Storm players had the opportunity to equip a small piece Talary – there was a system of “Measurement”. It is about this system, I’d like to tell you today.

To get your own house or room is one of the first objectives for each new player. “Measurement” is aptly chosen the name because players will get not just a house, but it is its own piece of the world that they will be able to equip both inside and outside, with the help of special tools.

Helps a huge number of items that can be placed in the “Measurement”. Items for placement can be obtained as a reward for completing tasks, to knock out the monsters or make yourself. Measurements allow players not only to arrange the furniture and furnishings, but also trees, rocks, boards or tiles that are combined in a single unit. Also there are many design options of Measurement – from peaceful tropical Bay to the rocky slopes.

A set of tools for placing objects in the “Measurement” is intuitive and very functional – one button moves the object along the X,Y,Z, and the other allows you to rotate the object around its axis. Want to create the table, hovering in the sky, to tie him to the stairs and put on top of the bed? No problem!

Measuring players

How to make your Measurement? First you need to find a special NPC in the capital city of your faction or in the Bay of Storms, and to acquire his key in the desired dimension. And the choice of measurements is very large: from the close of the cold hut on the hill, to the vast jungle.