How to equip your gardenNormally, the cooperation starts with expert advice with departure on place. The designer’s task is to learn your tastes and interests, to get maximum information about the size, height, color, number of green spaces. This will largely determine the future appearance of the surrounding your home landscape.

Undertakes a full analysis of the soil. And then begins the actual landscape design, including the preliminary draft master plan and genderplay, technical drawings, cost estimate, project, Foundation waterproofing and drainage of the house, the project’s drainage area with topographic survey and soil analysis.

And now that, that also includes landscaping of the site. Everyone, without exception familiar element – the lawn. For all its “simplicity”, the lawn – a long and laborious process. Depending on the purpose of his sowing of different grass. Specialists distinguish lawns: grass, ground, sports, Moorish, roll, fast-growing, drought-resistant. Specialized companies offer lawn care in the course of one month, until it reaches the finished look: watering, weeding, mowing, sowing seeds, making feeding and fertilizer.

A very important moment – planting of trees and bushes species of plants. From fir and birch trees to palm trees and baobab trees – the choice is limited only by the tastes and financial possibilities of the customer. Even in the Northern latitudes, on poor soil, the creation of man-made Eden possible and necessary. Because plants to the greatest extent help to brighten up the monotony and routine of its environment “ecology of the soul”, pleasing to the eye and heart.

Without beautiful flowers in the garden is also a must. Flower beds and flower gardens is able to soften the rigid straightness of the architecture of the home or garden, liven up dark corners, to give the landscape the color saturation. Bright showy flowers can become the center of the garden, and can be primeneniy to zoning, breaking into pieces too wide lawns. Poor and waterlogged ground is not a hindrance to the flower beds and flower beds, as they can be filled with soil mixture of any of the required quality.

Very decorated Alpine garden plot, rightfully beloved owners of individual houses and allotments. This is a beautifully planted a collection of Alpine plants that have beautiful flowers, but its attractive discreet fragile beauty. In Russia Alpine hills often hold of carefully selected and arranged the stones in combination with ferns, conifers and modest forest flowers.

Many of us probably know the feeling of peace and calm that you experience by the water. Therefore, probably, decorative ponds and become an integral part of the backyard landscape. Artificial ponds can transform the most ordinary corners of the garden, and the Shine of the water and sun glare decorate any nearby object. If you want to be happy murmur of flowing water, arrange the fountains, streams, waterfalls or cascades. There are many ways of designing and creation of reservoirs. It is important that in their selection took into account the nature, location, type of neighboring plants. Experts will help you with the selection of beautiful aquatic plants, obogaschayushy the water with oxygen and prevent its stagnation.

Familiar to us from the classics lace gazebos, these cute, cozy corner of the garden with a relaxed, friendly conversation, in professional language called small architectural forms.

These are pergola – covered alley / courtyard, climbing and creeping plants. Trellis is easy open design of wooden slats, which are also used for climbing plants.

Garden furniture is too “small architectural forms”. Romantic benches and tables when properly selected design and material naturally and conveniently located in the garden and will serve for many years. Comfort and uniqueness to the landscape attach bridges, sculptures of wood, bronze and ceramics, vases and planters. Even a retaining wall, it is quite utilitarian in purpose (supporting soil on sloping areas and terraces), can be a distinctive garden decoration.

Now imagine that all this beauty in the garden is already there: bright splashes of the fountain, mysterious canopy of trees and colorful spot colors. But something it lacks. The tracks and platforms – that’s what needs to tie the garden together, attractive, but unobtrusive to direct our steps to the gazebo or to the bridge.