17When You start to plan how to set up your home, think carefully about the purpose of each room, and remembering the needs of Your family, and only then proceed to the interior of the home, as well as the selection for ceiling, wall and floor finishing materials.

The General idea should initially be traced in the layout of Your home. Depending on its location and the number of floors that can provide functionality and style of each room. This will help You project at home. It is compiled by experts according to what the customer wishes. As for the layout of the rooms, they are subject to sanitary norms, roles assigned for each room, as well as the convenience of each family member.

Initially you need to think about how to build a house so that he was comfortable.

It all starts with a hallway. Typically, the hallway in the house is big, so you could put a large wardrobe, coffee table, telephone and Newspapers, a comfortable chair for obamania. You can also hang clocks and housekeeper. Do not forget about the rug at the entrance – it needs to be made of straw, and the lower part – rubberized. If You correctly choose a rug for the hallway, the water under it will not accumulate, and this means that the surface under the Mat will not deteriorate.

The most important thing is to remember that there should be comfortable Seating is available, as it will serve You as a great "soothing" after a busy day. As for the bedrooms, it must also be very comfortable. Comfortable, solid, double bed with orthopedic mattress, TV on the wall in case of a weekend spent in bed, as well as boudoir to restore beauty – these are the basic elements of furniture that should be in the bedroom.

Now go to the living room. On it and a living room that everything was as convenient as possible for guests. What can be put in the living room? There must be present a comfortable sofa, a table for the celebration feast. Not exclude the presence of a closed or an open fire, which is very fashionable this year. The fireplace can be combined, for example, with microwave from the kitchen. The material of the furniture can be anything, but the tree always looks expensive and noble. And bedroom, and living better withstand pastel, warm colors.

As for the nursery, then she must be busy, bright, but at the same time not irritating the delicate psyche of the child. The furniture in the nursery, of course, You will need a sleeping place it needs to be selected, given the growth and maturity of the child. So You need a desktop for creative activities of the child, as if he had become a student, you will need a computer. As a child a chest of drawers or a small wardrobe of a child – this will allow him to be accustomed to the order. If the square footage of the room, equip the reception area and a recreation area – for first place Peru armchairs and a small sofa in the form of some animal.

Psychologists in the nursery are advised to hang a mirror where baby can look good, preferably not small, and in all growth.

As for the house required a large dressing room. A great option would be a separate room is medium in size with a separate backlight, which can hold the entire shoes and outfits that are in Your home.

Don’t forget about the head of the family – it must be a study. In the study welcomed the business atmosphere – no children’s toys and other things. A study perform better simply rich tones tuning on a business footing and having to work. What You will need from the furniture in your office? This is a sofa for visitors, preferably of leather or imitation leather, small Cabinet used for books, office comfortable chair, Desk and writing accessories.

Since the house usually has a larger size, you can occupy the premises under a dining room and kitchen.

All the other rooms are sorted out depending on what are the needs of Your family. Filling the interior, of course, can pick up and the designer, but only You know best what will suit the taste of Your family and You. Examples of how to arrange the room, You can see in the photo.