19One of the most ancient inventions on earth was a home. But it would be a mistake to think that even in the most distant times, the roof and walls needed only to take refuge from the cold and bad weather. No, man has always been in need of a home – a place where you can forget about evil, failure and suffering.

We can start our conversation about the house like a fairy tale: once upon a long ago ancient man realized that in addition to visible and felt by the skin tribulations – rain, wind, heat, is there more magic or, as modern researchers, energy enemies. And he realized that these enemies can save skillfully arranged the house.

Energy storm is of a different nature: evil, corruption, evil spirit, poltergeist – all these words denote streams of destructive energy. It is invisible and intangible power that can seriously complicate chelovecheskuju life or even destroy it. We don’t see these threads, but I feel their effect. You have probably had to get into such places, where suddenly started to have a headache, damaged or broken things where you felt unreasonable anxiety…

And in those days, which we have just spoken, began the struggle of man against evil forces for a piece of space, which he called home. This fight continued for hundreds and thousands of years and were unsuccessful. People found ways to protect your home from destructive energy. To keep her in his house, people began to use in the construction of wood and stone. They used more and conspiracies, rituals, followed directions to take – in a word, created folk magic based on the experience of hundreds of generations.

Folk magic and the modern man.

Folk magic certainly helped early man. Our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers defended his home with the help of magical rites.

Moreover, it was not only about protection but also about creativity – creating ideal home, bringing a positive, friendly energy. Sturdy paddles and expensive situation decide not all. It is this creative process – the dream of the house – and we invite you to learn from the ancient sages. Not to say that scientific progress makes every modern home happy. This means that we can not do without the help of unknown forces. It is interesting sometimes to read a variety of advice and reviews.

Ancient teachings associated with the house, if we talk about them in General, are designed to sort, to banish negative energy and attract the opposite – the positive energy. What it gives us? Health, peace and joy in the family, success, love, money – all that is associated with the word “prosperity”.

Does the magic of modern man.

Progress has sown doubt in human souls – but do we need all these dubious folk tradition? Not all in our day believe in magic, even in its modern energy option. But we can believe it or not, but the signs are working, the conspiracy act, amulets protect us from harm. Skepticism is not out of these facts. Is it worth while to join the skeptics?

In addition, we observe an interesting paradox – people don’t believe in magic . but I use her recipes often without even knowing it. Folk traditions are passed at the level of genetic memory, collective consciousness. Mistress mechanical sweeping COP to the door, not Vice versa (so as not to cover her unhappiness and disease), launched the first settlers to the house cat (to make friends with the family), and certainly no one will forget to securitise or surpass over the left shoulder, accidentally scattering in the house of salt or breaking a mirror.

And if so, isn’t it better to use magic in its full, classified and tested version? After all, our goal is love, wellbeing and comfort in the house, and not scientific debates. Works of folk magic, and so we’re going to use it. And disputes about we forget – let’s try to prove their case in practice.

Magic rituals of different peoples.

This is important because about a black cat and a broken mirror know almost everything, but with foreign rites and superstitions familiar to few. This shortcoming is remedied.

Here are the most known and effective practices that help maximize the use of various positive energy.

This Chinese art of handling the energies of water, air, earth and fire – Feng Shui. It is an ancient science that studies the influence of the energy of the stars on the destiny of man – the astrology. This, of course, and the Russians magic rituals and ceremonies, calling on the help of energy of the Russian nature, Russian people, Russian land.

After reading our article, you can learn about energy, which is hidden in the most ordinary household things.

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