16Not all of us are well versed in Feng Shui. Not everyone can afford to invite a specialist in Feng Shui in your home for a consultation. But this does not mean that we should give up and live, anyhow, not trying to change your house and your life for the better. What to do in this case? To we come to our intuition. Let us listen to her.

If you think that your life is flowing smoothly and safely. If you are quite satisfied with everything – please refrain from moving, remodeling, radical changes in the interior and rearranging the furniture. Obviously, the Feng Shui of your home is quite balanced, so try not to disturb the existing equilibrium.

Do not try to force the whole house Chinese talismans. They are only good in their places, in accordance with the Bagua symbols. Choose symbols Feng Shui with intelligence and diligence, otherwise you can oversaturate the house of unneeded energy, Chi.

Be sure to hover in the house clean and tidy, get rid of unnecessary and have not demanded things that experts in Feng Shui referred to as a short but succinct word, junk. Moreover, the trash is not only broken stools and chipped cups, and everything you store on the "black" of the day, just in case, in closets and balconies. It’s ugly Souvenirs that were once given to you, so they are awkward to throw. It’s uninteresting to you books, gathering dust on the shelves. This jeans from which you long and hopelessly "rose".

If you rearranged the furniture, placed the talismans, and the house has not become better – try to get everything into place and start all over again. Perhaps you went in the wrong direction. Look closely at the things in your home. It is likely that some of them, despite their apparent harmlessness, are sources of bad Qi. It may be some photos or objects that are associated with unpleasant memories.

Old furniture that you bought on sale, it can carry negative energy from previous owners. And maybe a gift was made to you not from the soul? Negative energy can carry even our usual stuff, those who are constantly in front of us, but not used, just gathering dust for years "habit", accumulating dead Qi. In this case, it is better to remove everything You don’t use often away in cabinets and drawers.

Don’t forget daily ventilate all the rooms. Thus, you will get fresh air and create the conditions for renewal of Qi.

Try to keep all day the curtains were drawn apart, so that the house penetrated as much sunlight. In winter, when very little light, try to cover the whole house, not forgetting the corners.

Remember that light drives away bad Qi

Don’t forget about good flavor. Thoroughly clean in common areas such as bathroom and toilet. If possible, aromatiziruet the air aromatic oils and incense. Good Feng Shui involves good smells in the house.

Try to use in your home more natural materials.

Do not use in the interior of the abundance of all kinds of ornaments, which make energy and do not allow the Qi to move freely.

Make sure that the corners of the furniture were not directed at a sitting or lying on chairs or beds people. If you move the furniture, you can decorate the corners climbing plants or to simply close their screen. Between you and the angle can be hung and also special bells, the so-called "music of the wind"

Carefully consider the location of mirrors. Do not place them so that they reflected the bed or the place where you usually sit. Mirrored ceilings above the bed, so fashionable at the present time is bad Feng Shui. The same applies to the mirror tiles in the bathroom, which is also visually “cuts” a silhouette of a man into many small parts.

Perfectly complements your decor fresh flowers in pots made of clay or ceramics. Flowers can be placed anywhere. The exception, perhaps, is the only bedroom. Avoid to breed in the apartment cacti. Their spines are negative energy of strife, quarrels and gaps between people.