5Today will be nice to build a wooden country house, or simply giving. To furnish the house will be from the inside out, as about possible outdoor decorations wooden houses have enough information on our website.

Before you start to implement your design ideas, you should still decide on the style. What will be the interior of a country wooden house ?

Wood is a noble material, which is always appropriate, however, even she is not all perversions can bear. This should begin thinking about how in the end should look like from the inside the country house. Because the country needed to take a break from the benefits of civilization and surplus technology, the house we will furnish the antique, which means to decorate the tree tree. This will help us to numerous carpentry and the various techniques of wood carving. To do the interior decoration of the house partially or entirely of wood is a good idea. As has been said, wood is a noble material. This furniture is a claim for exquisite taste and wealth. And since the rest in the country house is designed to distract us from the bustle of the city, the wood grain will be most appropriate.

So, once you’ve determined your style, is to consider the details. What you may need in order to make the house from the inside wooden. In any case will not fit any stone interior elements, whether it be columns, granite sculpture, stone furniture etc. The presence of stone in the interior is only permitted in the case of a fireplace.

Let’s start with the walls . If the house itself is wooden – it is best to leave the wooden wall in the form in which they are. Of course, it requires treatment of the walls from the inside, however it is not necessary to glue the wooden wall. Ideal – when a country house – a wooden house made of logs. Then the walls of the house is a decoration in and of themselves. In any case, if you decide to do the finish under a tree, the walls of the house must submit the total composition, at least in color. For Wallpaper it is best to choose some “wood” color. Also the walls can be finished with wooden boards. Wooden walls can Uras geometric carving, or even a full-fledged compositions relief carving. For interior small cracks and minor for strength home defects can be left unchanged – they will serve as additional decoration.

The next important element of our interior doors and Windows . Everything here is simple, the door must be, of course, wooden, or at least with the appearance of the wood. With Windows even easier. Modern technologies allow to establish high-quality plastic Windows, even in wooden houses. The thing is that under the influence of. wood expands (or contracts), and this exerts pressure on the door and window openings. On this earlier in the wooden house was only installed wooden Windows. Through the use of special movable window boxes plastic box applicable to wooden buildings. There is nothing sinister in so equip your home with modern Windows. Design design, but about the basic amenities to forget still not worth it. In addition, in the finishing of window slopes can be used with fancy wood window frames. Wooden door, by the way can be decorated with carved geometric patterns.

Go to the floor and the ceiling . In this case, it is unimportant, in what style will be completed ceiling and floor, if the walls and doors look like wood. Since the floor in a wooden house, in any case have to be insulated, so it is best to lay real wood flooring or, at worst, laminate flooring. Ceiling can and does leave is not treated. Look beautiful bare-beamed ceilings with chandeliers.

Now the furniture . As long as the furniture was original with the house color. Not very appropriate metal or plastic chairs, glass or stone tables. It is worth to think about what time of year you are more likely to attend suburban house. If in winter and autumn, it is best to fill the interior with a heavy and massive furniture “antique”. In the summer the heavy wooden cabinets and chairs will create several oppressive situation. The ideal option is to skillfully combine the presence of heavy and light furniture in the house. The maximum fill the interior space of the various wooden objects. It can be not only furniture made of solid wood. The same good fit wooden sculptures, carved boxes, jewelry, woven baskets. Floors can be covered with heavy carpets, Windows to hang thick curtains.

The interior living room in a wooden house should think so Seating was not overloaded with furniture. Country houses often have a fairly modest size, but to the living room in the evening fit all the guests, it is always important to leave the main room has enough space. This is especially important if the living room has a fireplace – not many people like to sit close to the fire.

Remember that in the morning, afternoon and evening, spring, summer and winter inside the house will look different. In summer large wide Windows at the cottage sounds like a great idea, and winter thick Drapes and heavy furniture seem to be more appropriate. Do not plan the interior of a country wooden house in a favourite photo. Try to find a balance and come up with something. Applicable to the premises, solutions can be bad for your house.

Of course, the interior design of wooden houses is suffering greatly, if not wooden stairs. Stairs can be decorated with carvings, geometric, and fishnet(propyl). Photo of the most successful stairs are on the site.

However, although we urge you not to copy the interior of wooden houses, the photo on the website will help you to become more acquainted with design solutions . successful and not the possibility of the reconstruction of your country nest.